Digital Alchemy is a series of performances and discussions exploring the intertwined intellectual and ideological histories of art and technology, presented in Santa Cruz, Calif., throughout Indexical’s Fall 2019 season. This series probes the history, the tacit assumptions, and the systems of control present in our technological and artistic tools.

People & Supporters

Artistic Advisory Board

Bevin Kelley
Beau Sievers
Ezra Teboul
Jeff Treviño

Hosts & Venues

Design by Cosmic
DNA's Comedy Lab
Radius Gallery
Wind River

Supporters and In-Kind Donors

Vincent J. Coates Foundation
Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Alice M. Ditson Fund at Columbia University
Jeff Galipeaux, Performances Presenting Sponsor
Jean-Marc & Rebecca Jot, Digital Alchemy Talks Presenting Sponsors
Carol Wilhelmy & Donald Fong
David Zicarelli & Virginia Troyer
Meyer Sound, In-kind supporter
Birichino Wines, In-kind supporter