Indexical just released my pieces Topology (contriving balance) and Topology (phases of this difference) on Index 0, along with music by a number of other great composers. Check it out, and pick up a double-LP if you're so inclined.


all description all delay (2013)

trombone quartet + string quartet

Topology (phases of this difference) (2012-2013)

violin duo

Topology (A/∀) (2011)

viola + 4 electric guitars

Sympathies (2009)

12 instruments + 4 voices

more music

Writing & Code

I wrote a Ruby library to work with ratios and James Tenney's harmonic distance function. All that, and more, is on Github.

I recently explained the construction of Topology (phases of this difference), and put it all in writing.


I am a composer and pianist living in Seattle. I write algorithmic music that is mostly in just intonation. I'm one of the organizers of Indexical, a experimental music record label and concert producer based in Brooklyn, where I organized the Transient Series.

I currently work for the Seattle Symphony, and have previously worked for the S.E.M. Ensemble and ISSUE Project Room.