This is a home page for Music 167, “Workshop in Electronic Music,” at UC Santa Cruz. The current syllabus is always maintained here.

Code Samples


A handful of code samples for networked SuperCollider performances by myself and David Kant throughout 2015-16.


A “hello world” example for communicating between SuperCollider and Rust over OSC. This could be distributed over the internet, a local network, or could run on a local machine.

This could be used, for example, to generate visuals in Rust using OpenGL, while passing in synthesis data from SuperCollider.

VoxRes (advanced)

An example of integrating SuperCollider with Rust, using Rust to write DSP code to be used in SuperCollider.

  • Ambisonics Toolkit: A collection of Reaper and SuperCollider extensions to work with ambisonic, multichannel, and 3D sound spatialization.
  • SuperCollider: An open-source text programming environment for sound synthesis and composition.
  • PureData: An open-source visual programming environment for sound synthesis, composition, and interactive instruments.
  • Bela: An embedded computing environment for ultra-low-latency sound synthesis and sensor-driven realtime devices.