Reconstruction 2017

Duet for reader and computer

solo, voice, electronics

How to Get There From Here 2016

By taking a detour through phonemes, letters, and language

solo, voice

the word, but the sound 2016

A transcription for solo percussion

solo, percussion

We remember not the word, but the sound of the word 2015

A transcription, for Ghost Ensemble

ensemble, oboe, flute, percussion, harp, viola, contrabass

In the sense of transparence 2015

Clarity in the sense of silence

solo, cello

In time 2014

A more delicate, mental beat

duo, sax, bass-clarinet

all description all delay 2013

A piece about searching and distance, for trombone quartet and string quartet


Topology (phases of this difference) 2013

A generative machine for a piece

duo, violin

Topology (for Crispin) 2012

Get off the downbeat

solo, percussion

Topology (contriving balance) 2012

A prelude

duo, violin

Topology (predicate) 2012

For The Dream Team

ensemble, guitar, sax, harmonium

Topology (A/∀) 2011

An ambulatory violist tunes to her surroundings

ensemble, guitar, viola

Sympathies 2009

A chamber opera in six parts

opera, voice, ensemble