Four electric guitars, in the four corners of each room, either sustain pitches with ebows or pick polyrhythms based on the harmonic relationships of their detuned strings. The violist places five stands around the room (one on each edge and one in the center), and moves from stand to stand at will, playing fragments of music that take their tunings from the guitars in her proximity. She mostly plays to herself, almost privately, so that only those in immediate proximity can hear her.

Recorded live at the Good Shepard Chapel, Wayward Music Series, March 22, 2014. Luke Fitzpatrick, viola; Jeff Bowen, Matt Benham, Michaud Savage, Andrew C. Smith, electric guitars.

Recorded live at ISSUE Project Room, March 1, 2012. Catherine Lamb, viola; Zach Layton, Taylor Levine, James Moore, Andrew C. Smith, electric guitars.